JiuJiang GongChuang Certified

Date of release:2016-06-21 14:46:46.0

RMS has passed the training and examination of 15PPM Bilge Alarm Monitor by JiuJiang GongChuang Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd. We are granted to participate in maintaining, inspecting and testing 15PPM Bilge Alarm Monitor of JiuJiang GongChuang Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd.

JiuJiang GongChuang Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd is specialized in the high-tech enterprise which the metering equipment measuring appliance, the machinery and the electromechanical device, the electronic products, the general purpose equipment and its the system development, the production manages and serves. Since the company had been established, has formed machine, the electricity, the computer primarily specialized scientists and technicians troop. The company established the technical development department, the management production department, the synthesis department, the performance test department. Built ameasuring instrument laboratory, a thermal energy has sprayed the laboratory, had an item of national monopoly and many scientific research achievement, the product widely applies to profession and soon light industry, ships, electric power, automobile.

JiuJiang GongChuang Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd is the only factory which aquired DNV certificate of its 15PPM Bilge Alarm Monitor. 


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