Integrated Solutions for New Panama Canal Transit

Date of release:2017-08-07 17:33:52.0

     1. Background and Rulesimage.png

l New Panama Canal has been opened in June, 2016.

l  “OP NOTICE TO SHIPPING NO. N-1-2016” to be applied.

           2. Packaged Services

     l  Design of mooring system for New Panama Canal

     l  Handling of drawings to be approved by Panama Authority and Class Society

     l  Providing Panama equipment and materials approved by ACP and Class.

     l  Installation of mooring devices on board while vessels alongside repair shipyard or facility.

 3. Advantages

l  Turn key management

l Low lump sum cost

           4. RMS regarding successful retrofit case forimage.png

      CMA Ships-HHI 11400 TEU series vessels during the period from March 23 to May 8 in 2017.

     Supply scopes:

1). Design services: FEM calculation and approved updated local   re-enforcement structure plan according to calculation. 


 2). Approval service: Submitting documents to BV class as well as the dealing with their comments until all documents are approved by them.


3). Panama equipment and materials delivery: Panama Chocks + Bollards with 83T/ 90T SWL

image.png          image.png           image.png

Double Bollard                        Bulwark mounted chock                     Deck mounted chock

4). Installation guide for mooring system retrofit for 3 sister vessels of HHI 11400 series at You lian (Shenzhen)Shipyard during 4th,May,2017~ 8th,May,2017.












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