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Case Sharing | Anglo Eastern Docking Repair Service

Date of release:2018-10-12 10:15:02.0

Case details

Vessel name: NAUTIC & NORD STEEL

Client: Anglo-Eastern HK

Type vessel: Oil  Tanker

Period: December 2017

Location: Youlian shipyard

The task was to conduct dry dock repair work for two vessels for one month. During which, many equipment were repaired and several unexpected urgent repairs taken well care of. RMS engineering team provided 24 hrs. support to the superintendent and the site team, all the jobs were finished on time and well done.


Customer Commended: "Quite a lot of last minute requirements had come up during the period of docking which was well catered to, including boiler repair, mooring winch repairs, ladder repairs, aux engine governor jobs, special attendance for Ultrasonic testing etc. Well done and keep up the good work!”



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