Date of release:2015-02-28 15:50:44.0

Epoch-making highly effective and fuel saving innovative product instead of conventional propeller cap


By the requirement of green shipbuilding development and energy-saving and emission-reduction, more and more different energy-saving device and technology apply to the shipbuilding. Recently VAF stand out rapidly from various energy-saving device because of the advantage: simple structure, easy installation, practical safety, lower price, obvious energy-saving price, obvious energy-saving result and so many shipyard and ship owner prefer and purchase the VAF to fit to new or old ship and increase the ship efficiency, decrease the fuel oil consummation and reduce the cost obviously.


VAF is named after the initial letters of “VORTEX ABSORBED FINS”, which add the small fins (the quantity is the same with the propeller blades) on the conventional propeller cap, rotate with the propeller and twisted water flow after propeller is blocked by VAF blade, reduce the energy loss. It is the highly effective and fuel saving innovative device.


Performance Advantage

Simple structure, lower price

High-performance,Easy to installation

Reduce stern vibration and noise

Suitable for new and old ship, especially for the ship with heavy load propeller

Energy-saving Principle

The water flow is accelerated and rotate, especial the flow from the propeller boot of trailing edge to back and create the strong vortex at boss. By fitting the VAF, vortex is straightening by VAF fins and broke up, create push by fins, and reduce the shaft torque and energy loss.

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