Authorized Brand - SAIGE

Date of release:2015-03-04 15:11:06.0



Long Service Life in Corrosive Environment:

Unparalleled performance in most  harsh chemical environments, which could not achieved by using traditional metal grating. No painting and no maintance is required. Please keep in mind , replacement coasts much to owners.

Slip resistance:

Excellent test result (BS7976-2) guarantees sure on both dry and wet working conditions

Light weight,easy installation:

1/4 weight of steel grating  makes installation easy and eliminats the need for heavy lifting equipments.Effortless cuting.

A whole spectrum of color for choice:

Select any color as you like without any extral charges.

Fire retardance and low temperature resistance:

Fire retardance meet the standards of ASTM E 84 class 1 and has got the approval from United States Coast Guard (LEVER 2). What  is  more ,extra low temperature tests  witness  good  performance of  -196  degrees  Celsius. Ideal materials for most project, widely applied in the platform, deck, gangway, floor etc.


Concave surface: Anti-Skid surface, widely used.

Grit sueface: Add grit on the surface, Extral slip resistance.

Plain surface: Available in smooth top, checker pattern top, grit top

Mini-mesh type: Prevent small workig tolls  and other subject drop through.

Translucent type: Transparent,can be made in different colors, ideal material for decoration.

Super weather-resistance: Processed with special material and technology, made the grating superior weather-resistance .

The size of the grating are made in dezens:

1220*3660, 1000*2000, 1000*3000, 1000*4000, 915*3048, 1530*3966, 1007*2007, 1007*3007, 1007*4007, 1220*4110, 1530*4004, 1247*2007, 1247*3007 ect.

It can be made in any size and color as you like.                       

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