RMS Self-Used Bonded Warehouse Officially Launched, Bringing its Marine Products and Services to a New Level

Date of release:2021-06-11 10:03:10.0

On June 7, 2021, upon approval by the Shanghai Customs of the People's Republic of China, RMS’s self-used marine bonded warehouse located in Shanghai was officially inaugurated and put into operation.


The launch of RMS bonded warehouse enables more flexible marine products and services, shorten the time for Customs clearance procedures, save the operating costs for customers, thus offering our global shipping customers with more efficient and convenient shipping service solutions.


With the establishment of the bonded warehouse, the goods can be stored conveniently in the bonded warehouse under the supervision of the Customs, with the release time of goods to be greatly shortened, and the timeliness of customs clearance significantly improved. RMS bonded warehouses are connected to the Customs in real time, providing 360-degree monitoring without blind spots, along with WMS electronic supervision services as well as comprehensive warehouse management services.


"Putting the bonded warehouse of RMS into operation has undoubtedly opened up a whole new situation for the imported spare parts and stores. We are now at a new starting point and will start again with a new model!" said Rason Huang, CEO of the RMS Group.


New facilities bring in a new capability. After the upgrade of this facility, RMS will be more rapid and agile in its service capacity, and is poised to provide our esteemed international ship customers with a complete one-stop service of international procurement, international transportation, Customs clearance, inspection, bonding, warehousing and distribution.


RMS bonded warehouse marks the further improvement of RMS’s global customer service capabilities. RMS will use this as a starting point to create the Asia-Pacific shipping service solutions that will bring faster, more convenient, and cost-effective marine service to our clients.

About RMS

RMS Marine Service Company Ltd specializes in providing Reliable and Responsive marine service ranging from Marine supply and Technical service to Logistics service world widely. With a solid foundation of 15 offices, 32,000 + m² warehouses and 10 workshops across Asia and Europe, RMS is committed to Cost-effective and Customer-oriented solutions for international shipping Clients.

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