Congratulations on Cindy Fan´s Election on IMPA Council!

Date of release:2016-02-23 11:16:00.0

Cindy Fan was elected to the IMPA council as a member for suppliers at this year's AGM.368534317509297796副本.jpg

Cindy Fan works for RMS Marine Service Company Ltd. since 1994. Together with Jack Wang, they developed and trained RMS team, expanding the company to a group with 7 offices and 400 staffs. Now, as a Marketing Director, her main job is to monitor marketing and brand building, mentoring and training staff to do a better job.

IMPA has developed significantly during the last 36 years since 1978. It has been 10 years since Cindy's first visit of IMPA in 2003. During those years, she has witnessed significant expansion of this event. 

Talking about the new role on IMPA council, Cindy says, she will do her best to support IMPA so that it has a better understanding of real business and local culture in China!

Congratulations on Cindy Fan's Election on IMPA Council!

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