I-PASS Arrow Bearings

Date of release:2016-03-24 13:59:16.0

1. It offers the following advantages over traditional bearing materialsblob.png

*The material is non-conductive and so offers

*Protection against electrolytic corrosion

*Virtually no swell in water

*Dry running capability

*Protects housings from corrosion

*Elasticity reduces the effects of hammering

*Tolerant to misalignment and shaft deflections

*1/7 lighter than Bronze Bearing                       

2. Bearing Products

1) Rudder Bearing - LUNA® #15GR(P), LUNA® #15GR(M)   

A. Steering gear Ram Cross head bushes and slipper pads. Rudder carrier disk and bush bearings (Oil or grease lubricated) 

B. Rudder stock bearing (oil, grease or water lubricated) 

C. Pintle Bearing (water lubricated)  



2) Stern Bearing- LUNA® #15GR(S), 


3) Hatch Cover Support Pad - LUNA® #15GR(SP)


3. Features

Max.Bearing Pressure Rating: 15N/mm2

Self Lubrication: Multi/twin Groove Bearing, Water cooling and lubricate, Hydrodynamic film to lubricator, Remove debris by velocity of water in grooves) 

4. Quality and Certificates

*ISO 9001 approval, Improved durability Condensed Construction Bearing

*Approved by LR, DNV-GL, ABS, RS, RINA, NK, CCS, BV and KR.

5. Sales Reference

By March 2016, 594 sets of bearings have been delivered to vessels from global ship owners.

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