Gratitude from the Gulf of Mexico -- A Story Between RMS USA and a Chinese Captain

In the Gulf of Mexico, RMS USA has recently earned heartfelt gratitude from a Chinese captain for their exemplary services. In January, 2024, the vessel POLYNESIA QUEEN docked at the Launch Wharf in New Orleans. RMS USA had provisions orders to deliver to the vessel, and in the conversation with the vessel’s captain, Lily, Assistant General Manager of RMS USA, learned that Captain Chen was suffering severe toothache.

Captain Chen’s distress of not being able to eat made Lily very worried. However, it was already eight o’clock in the evening, and the transportation truck driver had departed for New Orleans. Since the driver had to stay on the truck in case of any loss of goods, Lily and the Operations Manager Mason contacted RMS New Orleans colleague to buy medicine and send to the Launch Wharf without care of the costs of the medicine, overtime pay, and delivery fees. Their dedication to deliver toothache medicine to Captain fulfilled until 12:30 at midnight when they coordinated with the transport boat for the delivery of provisions and medicines.

Expressing his gratitude, Captain Chen wrote in his appreciation letter, “I want to express my gratitude for Lily’s immediate and unwavering support when I was facing illness. Your warmth and kindness provided me with tremendous assistance, making me feel the warmth and kindness of both you and RMS.”

This incident is just one of many similar cases that highlight the commitment of each RMS office to its customers, demonstrating that being a U.S.-based branch does not hinder their adherence to RMS principle. Behind RMS customer-oriented philosophy lies our empathy and passion as genuine and sincere human beings.

At this time before Chinese New Year holiday, we want to extend our best wishes to every maritime person away from home. Wherever you are and whatever challenge you face, know that there are always kind-hearted people standing behind you and willing to support you--whether your family, friends, or partners--and RMS is undoubtedly one among them. We also want to share this gratitude from the Gulf of Mexico with all RMS people who contribute to these acts of kindness, whether in your life or in your work. Your kindness is consistently warming the hearts of other people. Thank you for bringing this spirit to RMS, and thank you for making the world a better and gentler place!


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