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Technical Service

RMS Technical Service team is capable of providing fast response and professional technical service, general overhaul, trouble-shooting and repairing, supervision and total solution. So as to solve various urgent technical problems and ensure safe voyage for ship owners/managers all over the world.

RMS Technical Service Division is dedicated to providing you with following technical services:

    • Diesel Engine Service
    • ·ME/ AE Overhaul
      ·ME/AE F.O. Pump Overhaul
      ·ME Lubricating system overhaul
      ·ME FIVA Valve Overhaul
      ·ME Booster Pump Overhaul
      ·ME Accumulator Overhaul
      ·ME Pneumatic Control System Overhaul / ME Remote Control System Overhaul
    • ·ME Starting Valve / Air Distributor Overhaul
      ·ME/ AE Governor overhaul
      ·Oil Mist Detector System Overhaul
      ·ME/ AE Components Reconditioning
      ·Cummins Engine Overhaul
    • Electric & Automation Service
    • · Alarm & Monitoring System
      · MSB/ ESB/ACB Service
      · Fire detection & alarm system
      · Water Mist System
      · Water Ingress System
      · Level gauge/Draft gauge system
      · Valve remote control system
      · Boiler / Incinerator automation service
      · MGPS & ICCP
    • · Viscometer and Flowmeter Calibration
      · 15PPM Calibration
      · ODME Calibration
      · Auto Unloading System
      · Vapour Emission Control System
      · Inert Gas System
      · Public address and telephone system
      · Navigation lights
      · CCTV Installation
    • Air condition and Refrigeration system service
    • ·Accommodation Air Condition System
      ·Provision refrigeration system(Reefer system)
      ·ECR air conditioner / Bridge air conditioner
      ·Compressor overhaul
    • Hydraulic Service
    • · Crane annual inspection/Maintenance/Repair and Load test
      · Hatch cover Service
      · Hydraulic Motor / Hydraulic Pump/Hydraulic Valve /actuator Overhaul
      · Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul
      · Steering gear system overhaul
      · Windlass / Mooring winch Brake test and Repairing
    • Retrofitting Service
    • · BWTS retrofitting and commissioning
      · Scrubber installation and commissioning
      · PANAMA retrofitting
    • Other Services
    • · Boiler circulation cleaning and retubing
      · Incinerator refractory repairing and rebuilding
      · Life boat and Rescue boat engine overhaul
      · Cooler / Heat Exchanger Maintenance and Overhaul
      · Elevator inspection & repair / wire ropes renewal
      · Anchor and Anchor Chain Replacement
      · Renaming Service
      · Accommodation Ladder Repairing and Replacement
      · Piping line fabrication and installation Service
      · Other steel structure service

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