Position:Senior Purchasing Executive/Senior Purchasing Manager - Spare Parts Division Place:Shanghai


1. Bachelor degree or above,CET6.

2. 5 years in marine or in marine industry experience.

3. Senior ship spare parts purchasing and technical support experience

Required/Preferred skills:

1. Knowledge of marine spare parts in English and Chinese.

2. Familiar with physical shape, structure and material of vessel spare parts

3. Familiar with corporate business and related operation process.

4. Fluent in English listening, spoken, reading and written. 

5. Familiar with the fluctuation of marine material market and logistic market

6. Knowledge of MS- Office tools and ERP system.

7. Knowledge of on-line purchasing and E-commerce.

8. Good understanding of “contract law”, knowledge of purchasing, financial knowledge. 


1. Responsible for the procurement.

2. Review the rationality of the relevant expense.

3. Properly handle with customer's complaints.

Place: Shanghai



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