Position:VAT refund specialist Place:Shanghai


1. College degree or above with accounting background or relevant.

2. An accounting certificate is needed.

3. Minimum 3 years’ work experience in foreign trading accounting.

4. Familiar with the whole process of export tax refund of foreign trade enterprises. E-port filing system, export invoice issuing system.  

5. Familiar with export tax refund of declaration system, foreign exchange monitoring system etc.

6. Good professional ethics, high loyalty, strong sense of responsibility and discipline.

7. Have a rigorous, pragmatic style and an excellent quality of unity and cooperation and a fast-learning ability.

8.  Excellent at communication, management and coordination.

Job description:

1. Deal with export tax refund, purchase invoice, deduction certification, review and approval proceeding and relevant taxation work.

2. Assist in the relevant departments to cooperate with the export tax refund, collect and maintain tax refund information.

3. Assist in the customs declaration checking and customs clearance requirement.  

4. Issue VAT invoices.

5. Complete other tasks designated by leaders.

Place: Shanghai



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