Position:Purchasing Executive in Spare Parts Place:Shanghai


1. College or above with international trade, logistics background or equivalent .

2. Knowledge of MS-office tools and ERP system. 

3. Knowledge of standardized procurement procedure, master negotiating skills, and knowledge of contract of purchase and sale.

4. Work experience in purchasing of Spare parts is preferred.

5. Good professional ethics, high loyalty, strong sense of responsibility and discipline.

6. Have a rigorous, pragmatic style and an excellent quality of unity and cooperation and a fast-learning ability.

7. Excellent at communication, management and coordination.


1. Provide optimal price based on customers' demand; assist the sales supervisor to complete effectively with purchase order.

2. Negotiate with suppliers, compare prices, execute orders and check the accounts.

3. Explore new purchasing channel in spare parts.

4. Inspect of spare parts; strict control of product quality.

Place: Shanghai



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