Position:International Purchasing Specialist Place:Shanghai


1. College or above with international trade, English or relevant. CET6 or above.

2. Minimum two years’ works experience in international purchasing.

3. Excellent at business spoken English.

4. Knowledge of international trade related terms and documents.

5. Knowledge of the import and export business process, and work effectively.



1. Arrange and send purchase orders to relevant foreign suppliers according to the order plan. 

2. Confirm monthly shipping schedule with freight forwarding companies, arrange purchasing order according to corresponding freight plan.

3. Confirm the shipping documents with foreign suppliers (packing list, invoice, bill of lading, sanitary certificate etc.).

4. Make domestic customs clearance documents and tag file.

5. Supervise freight forwarding company’s customs clearance progress,

6. Inform the warehouse to unload the goods before the cargo is entered.

7. Collect information from abroad and suppliers for purchasing decision.

8. Communicate with foreign suppliers regarding the products with defective quality.  

Place: Shanghai 



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