Marine Service B.V.
Established on September 8, 2018, RMS Marine Service B.V. further extends RMS's overseas footprint following Singapore and Korea offices.

Well-placed geographically at Rotterdam port, RMS European branch is now equipped with about 30 professional & experienced local staff, 1,500m² warehouse and cold storage as well as workshop, dedicated to expanding our Reliable and Responsive one-stop marine services in all ports of Europe.

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RMS Marine Service is proud to be of service to you, and you can rest assured that the Rotterdam team will do its utmost to meet and exceed your expectations. Wherever in Europe your vessels may be, you can count on our dedication and professionalism at all times.
ISO 9001


Continuous Improvement
RMS considers the policy for environment, quality, safety, health, and well-being an integral part of the complete business operations, which are focused on the continuous improvement of our performance. In this, RMS shall endeavour to prevent, or limit, the environmental impact that the business activities (may) cause as much as possible.
Laws and Regulations
With the current Activities Decision, RMS is required to meet the following important statutory regulations, as well as the laws regarding food safety and the road transport of goods. Responsibilities and tasks within our organisation are recorded in function descriptions and activities are agreed in order to be able to demonstrate that the applicable laws and regulations are complied with.

But RMS does more than legally required, if the required effort is properly related to the result. The environmental measures that also have a positive effect on areas like safety, health, well-being, quality, and efficiency shall have priority in this.
Reducing the Environmental Impact
All business activities of RMS have an effect on the environment. RMS attempts to keep these effects as small as possible by taking preventive measures or limiting measures, both organisational and technical. RMS tries to make responsible use of the required raw materials and consumables. This by choosing different materials where necessary, the properties or manufacturing method of which have less impact on the environment. By responsibly handling the unavoidable hazardous substances. Responsible management and limiting of waste streams.
Management System
In order to actually purposefully implement this policy, RMS works in accordance with a Management System that meets the international standards ISO 9001 and the specific environmental requirements of our clients. The board of RMS takes the final responsibility for the policy. The required education of employees is taken care of within the organisation. Participation in necessary education is also supported and encouraged. The employees of RMS support this policy and are fully aware of their responsibility in Realizing it.

This policy statement is a public document and available for stakeholders and shareholders.
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